Introducing Onedoc

Introducing Onedoc

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Auguste Lefevre Grunewald

Studied Computer Science and Quantitative Finance. Co-founder @ Onedoc. I'm passionate about technology, politics, history and nature. I love to share my thoughts and learn from others.

tl,dr: Onedoc makes it easy for developers to generate beautiful PDFs. It is a comprehensive solution with:

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Using Onedoc to quickly generate dynamic PDFs

Why do documents feel so outadated ?

Billions of PDFs are generated daily: invoices, contracts, receipts, tickets,… yet there are no toolkits to allow companies to easily build them. Developers need to get their hands dirty to produce basic documents - let alone beautiful ones. This makes PDFs hard to dynamize and maintain, leading to poor brand experience and flawed analytics.

What is Onedoc ?

Onedoc bridges the gap between developers and documents. We make modern web technologies work for PDF generation: React, Tailwind, … In turn, developers can make highly dynamic documents and iterate quickly. What used to take hours now takes seconds with our API.

To make it even faster, we maintain an open-source library of beautiful components and we offer a hosting and tracking service to better understand your documents.

Why are we building Onedoc ?

We — Pierre, Titouan, and Auguste — previously worked with giant firms, where documents were central to most workflows. They would get passed around, get into client’s hands, and everyone would complain about their layout and lack of proper information. While at a large mining company, clients would want to see shipping information and product details on their invoices. However, the development team wouldn’t be able to update these documents because the task was too complex and expensive.

Join the movement

We are building a community of developers and designers to make documents great again. We believe that documents should be as dynamic and beautiful as the web. We are looking for feedback, contributors, and early adopters.

If you are interested, you can:

We are excited to see what you will build with Onedoc.

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